• Alfred MacCauley

    Alfred MacCauley

    Village law enforcement, cousin of Percival, not in line to inherit.
  • Cornelia Manning

    Cornelia Manning

    Town elder, head of the Manning family.
  • Jane Johnson

    Jane Johnson

    Village midwife, takes bribes for dealing with deformed babies, keen to maintain status quo.
  • Lauren Loveday

    Lauren Loveday

    Milkmaid, secret lover of a raider.
  • Mary Soloman

    Mary Soloman

    Housewife of village tanner, keen to change how sacrifices are chosen.
  • Percival Manning

    Percival Manning

    Nephew of Cornelia Manning, central to ending the workers revolt.
  • Ted Glenn

    Ted Glenn

    Dairy farmer, heavily linked to a failed revolt.